“Live At The Healing Loft” Radio Show ~ Natural Healing for Sleep Apnea: Sound Healer Steve Sklar

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“Live At The Healing Loft” Radio Show ~ Natural Healing for Sleep Apnea: Sound Healer Steve Sklar
June 18, 2012 7:00 pm
June 18, 2012 8:30 pm
Free Live Radio Show
The Healing Loft
June 13, 2012
The Healing Loft
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2112 Broadway St NE Suite 250, Minneapolis, MN, 55413, United States

Sleep Apnea is a condition that afflicts many people.  18 million people in the United States have Apnea with another estimated 10 million people who have not been diagnosed.  People with Apnea can stop breathing up to 30 times a night!
The standard approach is to use cumbersome CPAP machines that regulate breathing during the night and while it does bring relief, many people find it hard to sleep with the mask on their face.  What if there was a natural way to address the issue without a machine?

Sound Healer Steve Sklar will share how learning to play the Didgeridoo (Yes, the well known native Australian instrument) actually strengthens the muscles at the back of the throat so they don’t collapse during sleep causing snoring and sleep apnea! He will be sharing how it works and success stories with our listeners. He founded the group Worldwide Sleep Apnea-Didgeridoo Network whose mission is work with apnea sufferers and clinicians to educate on this approach.

Website: sleepapneadidgeridoo.com

About Steve Sklar: Steve is a musician, vocalist, photographer and sound healer. He is the leading teacher and performer of Khoomei (Tuvan Throat-Singing) and Tibetan “low chordal” chanting voice outside of central Asia, and has taught around the world. In addition, he teaches didgeridoo both to musicians and sleep apnea patients. He also performs on guitar, didgeridoo, the igil, and many other exotic instruments. His sound healing approach incorporates the use of the voice/vocal harmonics, didgeridoo, and Himalayan metalophones (Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, tingshas, etc.). He has also recorded commercials for New Balance and Nissan, and contributed soundtrack vocal recordings for the Hollywood motion picture Boondocks Saints 2: All Saints Day.

Steve’s website is skysongpro.com

Live At The Healing Loft is held live in the central room of The Healing Loft in Northeast Minneapolis and we welcome and encourage those of you who live within driving distance to be part of our live audience and get the opportunity to listen to engaging topics about holistic health care and personal/spiritual growth modalities.  Do you need directions how to get here?  See our map.

Tonight’s show will be an especially fun show as Steve will bringing in some of the interesting and exotic instruments he uses in his sound healing practice and will demonstrate how they work! So please come on in!

If you’re not able to come in you can listen over your computer live or listen to the archive at a later time through this link here…  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thehealingloft/2012/06/19/natural-healing-for-sleep-apnea-sound-healer-steve-sklar


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